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Lady Gaga – one of the most famous singers, whose business card are shocking images and glasses of unusual shape. This is especially noticeable at concerts and in music videos: there a celebrity gives free rein to its unstoppable Italian soul and does everything that it wants. Perhaps this is her strength and success? About this – further in the article. Enjoy reading 🙂

The path to glory
Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta – this is how the future star was named at birth. Her parents, Americans of Italian descent, instilled in her a love for art from childhood, because they themselves worked in this area. From the age of 4, Stephanie played the compositions of Michael Jackson on the piano, and at 13 she created her first song. The girl studied with Paris Hilton in the same class, but they were not friends. In her interviews, the singer recalls her school years with sadness, because then her peers often mocked her for an extraordinary and extravagant appearance. Stephanie first appeared on stage at 15 years old. A few years later, she began collaborating with music producer Rob Fusion, who called her Lady Gaga for grimacing Freddie Mercury’s “Radio Ga-Ga”. From 2006 to 2008, she wrote songs for celebrities such as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Fergie. But the fate of an ambitious girl did not suit. In 2008, Lady Gaga released her debut album “The Fame”, which in a matter of months brought world fame to its creator.

Then outrageous Lady Gaga was not equal. Her extravagant models of clothing, flashy makeup and glasses of the most original forms made the fans in a wild delight. And her celebrity opponents fiercely criticized her for her freedom and peculiar style. But does it matter if the dream of becoming a global star has come true?

Lady Gaga’s Style
The fact that Lady Gaga – one of the most outrageous artists of the modern world – can not argue. But over the 20 years of her career, her style has transformed dramatically: from glamorous images to tender roles. Unusual-looking costumes and make-up were replaced by feminine outfits and low-key make-up. And she changed the most unusual glasses in the world, which were made specifically for the singer, with classical models of famous designers. For example, in the “Paparazzi” music video, Lady Gaga wore round Mickey Mouse glasses, designed by Jeremy Scott. If you like this oversized model, take a look at the Prada PR 27NS (1/2), which are similar to the glasses of Lady Gaga. They will not only protect the eyes from the sun, but also protect the delicate skin around the eyes from UV rays.

Another frame of the original form, in which Lady Gaga attended various events, is similar to the model #totallook DW045. Cute heart-shaped glasses will suit both a delicate look and a brutal bow, like an extravagant singer.

Lady Gaga is a fan of the brand Versace, and Donatella Versace considers her muse. In the arsenal of the singer – not one model points of this brand. Last season’s favorites are the Versace VE2120 with a monolins-cat, decorated with the brand logo of a fashion house.

Cowboy’s image, as in the photo below, the singer has added Versace VE4337 points. Not only the original shades of the frames, but also their interesting decoration attracts the pop singer. Perhaps it was for this that Lady Gaga chose them?

The collection of glasses of the singer is not only full of glamorous accessories. The girl in life often prefers classic models. For example, Sunglass hut usa  RB3447 Round Metal 2/2 is a versatile everyday option, even for clothes with a leopard print.

Lady gaga at the cinema
In addition to the pop career, the singer occasionally appears in films. Her debut film “Machete kills” (2013). Next are roles in the movie “Sin City 2” (2016) and in “American Horror Story” (2017-2018). This fanstorm on the fans made the announcement of the new film Bradley Cooper, in which Lady Gaga played a major role. “Star was born” – the story of an unknown talented singer, who passed many obstacles on the way to fame. Does this story remind anyone? The world premiere took place on August 31, 2018, and in theaters the screenings started on October 4. We offer to enjoy the trailer for the upcoming musical, and then watch it on the big screens. It should be very interesting 🙂

Interesting Facts
In childhood, Stephanie was a difficult child. She often ran away from home and wandered. The girl left the University of New York after two years of study for the sake of a singer’s career. Lady Gaga received more than 400 awards – in particular, 6 “Grammy”, 13 MTV Video Music Awards and 8 MTV Europe Music Awards. In 2012, the singer launched her social network “LittleMonsters”. Outrageous pop diva is also known for her charity. She participates in campaigns against infectious diseases and helps members of the LGBT community.

Lady Gaga – one of the most sought after celebrities of our time. The singer is outside the peculiar trends of 2019, she herself is the embodiment of fashion, wild and irrepressible in some places. Purposefulness and hard work raised her to Olympian fame, and her originality and dissimilarity to her colleagues made the American Italian of Italian origin a real phenomenon of modern times.

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