Vintage Sunglasses Style That We Love


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An old-fashioned design, but new, that’s what works. The retro style has always been fashionable, and now more than ever. Vintage sunglasses are totally trendy. Here is our selection:

1 Marc Jacobs
2 Carrera
3 Hugo Boss
4 Dior


Marc Jacobs
If you had to choose only one brand of sunglasses specialized in 60’s and 70’s design inspiration, it would definitely be Marc Jacobs. The American brand is the only one to have a head start on trends to follow and demonstrates in each of its collections. Vintage models are his strong point. Do you dare with Marc Jacobs?

The models shown above are bold; round glasses with a double bridge mount or accent mount. Oversized models are typical of Marc Jacobs brand. The textures, gradients and materials used stand out and allow his models to make a difference.

This brand of sunglasses has an incomparable style. Who has not worn the Carrera Champion once in a lifetime? The models have been redesigned and updated, but the essence of the brand is retained and seduced an ever larger audience. Many American and European celebrities have already cracked for the latest models. Jared Leto is the ambassador of the brand. What do you think of the Carrera Flag? Semi-transparent glasses, double deck metal frame 100% Carrera color. Sensational!

Hugo Boss
Despite a classic and clean design, the German brand Hugo Boss has succumbed to retro shapes and vintage glasses. Admire these round retro sunglasses, made of an acetate frame. They are very elegant and with this retro touch, we love it!

The models from Dior have not finished surprising us. On Aveclunettesoleil we continually update their collections, but there are models that seduce us even more because of their versatility and originality. Enter our web shop and have a look at Dior So Electric glasses. Really electrifying, no? Olivia Palermo, Beyoncé and many other influencers have made their first choice.

What seems old is finally the most modern; the combination of white and black acetate with the doubled metal structure as well as its size and the shape of its glasses form an absolutely perfect whole. Keep them in sight!

And since we could spend hours talking about vintage models from Dior, we’ll talk about another model that you can not avoid. This is the model Dior Lia: A captivating suggestion where the 60s, 70s and 80s are in the spotlight. They are made of a high quality acetate, honey or green color, and lenses similar to the aviator in gradient, which gives a seductive look to the model. A 10/10!

The modern has a taste of old, and we adored that. Take note! With this selection of 2018 retro sunglasses, your look will be trendy!


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