what age should babies wear sunglasses?


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It is worth remembering that the younger the children, the more fragile their eyes are. In addition, the baby’s vision has not reached maturity at birth. The visual acuity, very weak the first months, will reach the 10/10 towards 5 years and the vision of the relief improves still until about 10 years.

So more than ever, we advise you to protect the eyes of toddlers as well as protect their skin as soon as they go to the sun.

We recommend index 4 sunglasses up to 3 years and then go to index 3.

In order to succeed in your children’s solar education, here are some tips:

-choose the first quality glasses specifically designed for babies: there are reversible glasses, not very fragile, adaptable to the head of your baby.
Be careful to respect the size of your face. for example, Julbo, a specialist in baby glasses, offers 3 sizes for babies (looping 1, 2 and 3).

– show your child the interest of the glasses: for example, put the glasses to your child in the sun and not at home before leaving.

-be patient and persevering: every child is different from the sunglasses. Some will adapt immediately, others will require more attention and education.
Remember that every minute your child wears glasses is one minute more protection from his training cornea.

-provide a budget around 30 euros for high quality glasses in index 4. Avoid therefore glasses “gadgets” with glasses and a frame of poor quality. These will not protect the eyes of your children and in addition they will delay the solar education of your child.


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