What are anti fatigue eyeglasses ?


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Do you regularly rub your temples and your eyes sting? Although you wear corrective glasses, do you usually end the day with headaches, neck or dizziness? You may suffer from visual fatigue, a visit to the optometrist is required!

A new reality

Metro, school, work, sleep … your eyes are constantly solicited in a day!

In addition to causing physical discomfort, eye strain directly affects the quality of our work and our energy level. It affects three out of four people and is a consequence of our increasingly digital lifestyle. Although it can occur at any age, it mainly affects those who spend several hours a day in front of their screens.

“A few years ago, people worked in an environment composed almost entirely of material elements. Now, with digital technologies, we are asking daily more and more effort for us. As Janie Trottier, an optician at Doyle, says, digital media are an integral part of our universe in 2017.

Indeed, more than 64% of the population would spend at least 4 hours a day in front of their computer, this figure is increased considerably if we include mobile technologies.

For students and young professionals, it means juggling daily between board, tablet, computer, books, colleagues and smart phone. This set of physical and digital elements with varying distances requires significant effort in our eyes.

“There is also a notion of control that must be taken into account in eyestrain. Including convergence and accommodation. Two functions that allow you to direct and focus your eyes on the subject. Many patients do not have perfect coordination between these two functions. It is a common problem and an undeniable cause in the onset of eye and eye fatigue, “says Karl Brousseau, optometrist at Doyle.

The Sunglasshutusa, an effective solution

Fortunately, there are solutions. Especially the Sunglasshutusa glasses. This latest lens technology decreases the tension on the convergence and accommodation system, considerably reducing the muscular effort provided by your eyes and therefore the risk of eye and eye fatigue.

Sunglasshutusa lenses allow better readability of small print, reduced glare and improved contrast. In addition to supporting focus and convergence efforts, they help prevent premature aging of the eyes. Combined with Crizal Prevencia anti-reflective treatment, Sunglasshutusa lenses block up to 30% of invisible blue light, another cause of eye and eye strain.

Although an excellent solution for those with early presbyopia, Sunglasshutusa lenses do not replace the progressive focus for presbyopes.

Learn more about the Sunglasshutusa lens manufacturing process.

Some tips to reduce eye and visual fatigue

Here are some tips easy to adopt to counter eye and eye fatigue:

1. Always keep the equivalent of an arm away with your computer and 45 centimeters with your mobile device.

2. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look 20 feet (6 meters) in front of you. Try to think of blinking regularly while you are in front of your screen, it will also help prevent dry eye.

3. Work in homogeneous ambient lighting to avoid excessive focusing efforts.

4. Keep fit. Better vascular health also means better eye health.


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