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With this post we want to let you know what the best eyeglass lenses are options when looking for glasses for fishing or water sports. It is very important to be protected from harmful sun rays to maintain the health of the eyes, especially from reflections from the water or direct sunlight. Here we should distinguish between light and UV radiation.

The categories 0 to 4 show the percentage of light that penetrates the lens of the glasses. The darker it is, the lower the intensity of the light and the more comfort it offers in terms of visibility. As far as the UV filter is concerned, it must be 100%. Neither the color, nor the shades, nor the type of glasses affect the ability to protect against the harmful effects of sunlight. In addition, it is important to know how best to see underwater, including the properties of the goggles to protect against accidents, baits, fishhooks, misplaced equipment or the neglect of a colleague.

The color, shape and functionality of the lenses for protection and polarization varies according to weather conditions. Many anglers would say that the quality of their goggles is as important as the angle they use and, according to some, it is one of the most important factors in catching the best fish.

We also recognize the importance of these glasses, but we would not say that they serve to see fish from the ship; but rather to be able to throw more precisely and not be blinded by the sunlight, so that a better handling with the angle and bait is possible.

Copper colored lenses are the best choice for fishing, for all weather conditions. Copper polarized glasses absorb much better blue light, which cause the reflections.

These lenses have a better contrast and give a picture with more color and more depth in green and blue panoramas.

Gray or green lenses
Fishing on sunny days is the ideal choice. These glasses reduce the light and do not distort the natural colors, as can be the case with other lenses.

Amber-colored lenses, gold and yellow
Eyeglass lenses with this coloration are good for the days that are a little cloudy and / or have darker light conditions, because their light reduction is minimal and they guarantee better depth perception of the water in these conditions.

Blue lenses
The lenses or glasses with this blue mirror tint, have about a 10% light transmission. They are suitable for the open sea. The anti-glare treatment ensures maximum contrast and color intensity in full sun to eliminate the shine.


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