What glasses will be fashionable in 2019?


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Today glasses have become an integral part of the image of most people. Many of us can no longer imagine our style without a fashionable beautiful rim. Let’s talk now about what fashion trends in the design of frames and glasses await us in the 2019th year. The main feature of the spring-summer 2019 season will be frames on the half-face of round, square, oval and other shapes. As in the past year, rims “butterflies”, “chanterelles”, “kitties”, etc. remain in fashion.

And most importantly – no limitations in color. The brighter and more colorful, the better. Most designers will present their glasses in a plastic frame of dark and bright colors, as well as with all sorts of geometric prints. Another fashionable trend in 2012 will be black translucent paint. The translucent plastic frames, which match the color of the lenses in color, will also be relevant.

Aviator glasses remain unchanged in popularity and fashion.

In general, the fashion for glasses of 2019 will not drastically contradict 2018.


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