What is special about polarized sunglasses?


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Polarizing lenses in sunglasses like many, a very strong effect of them is noticeable for those who spend a lot of time in the water. Points with a polarizing filter are very popular among people who love to fish, read about this in detail in the post “How to Choose Polarized Fishing Eyeglasses”. It is the waves in the water that create a large number of dazzling reflections with which polarized lenses in sunglasses deal perfectly.

In addition, anyone who drives a car can remember the dazzling effect of wet asphalt in sunny weather, etc. So many drivers wear polarizing glasses to drive a car and they really like those glasses.

Advantages and disadvantages of polarized glasses

The price of high quality polarizing glasses can be very high and it is useless to buy cheap fakes. Let’s see if it pays to pay a high price for polarized glasses or better buy ordinary sunglasses.

It should be noted that, along with the merits, polarizing glasses also have a number of disadvantages, which may detract from the utility of polarizing glasses. Some people who wear polarizing glasses complain about headaches. Is this related to the use of polarizing glasses or not? Without medical examination and eye exam to understand the causes of headaches when using polarizing glasses – it is impossible.

Advantages of polarized glasses
polarized glasses perfectly remove glare and reduce light intensity;
When wearing polarized glasses, the contrast of the visa increases;
polarizing glasses reduce eye fatigue;
polarized glasses are simply irreplaceable for certain activities (driving, fishing, skiing, etc.);
the use of polarizing filter glasses is recommended for people with mild hypersensitivity.

Disadvantages of polarized glasses
the price of polarized glasses is much higher than the usual sunscreen;
polarizing glasses reduce the readability of traffic signals (weakened reflected light), parking lights and stop lights;
polarized glasses make it difficult to see the information (darken the image) on the LCD display (cell phone with LCD display, GPS navigator, tablet, etc.).

Two simple ways to determine the presence of a polarizing filter on sunglasses
Remember, the polarizer filter is a thin film that is contained in the lens of your glasses, depending on the quality of the lenses in your glasses, the life of the polarizing filter also depends.

For example, a polarizing layer (polarizing film, polarizing filter) on the original glass lens of the sunglasses is sealed between two external lenses (), such as a polarizing lens that serves the life of the sunglasses. The patented Oakley polycarbonate lenses feature a polarizing filter at the molecular level of the polycarbonate (in fact, the entire lens of the glasses is a thick polarized film). Cheap Polaroid glasses also have their own technology for producing polarized lenses, over Polaroid Lenses polarization, read the link.

In famous brand fakes and cheap glasses, use a polarizing filter in the form of a thin film on the surface of the lens that eventually disappears and the polarizing effect disappears. Try to buy glasses at proven online stores where they sell original products.

Determine when buying sunglasses the presence of a polarizing filter on the lens is very simple! For this there are two simple ways.

The first test of a polarization filter.
Before you buy, ask your dealer for another pair of polarized glasses and align your lenses with the lens. Then turn one of the glasses below 90 degrees relative to the others and look at the lumen (the axis of rotation must pass through the centers of the lenses). If the glasses have a polarization, then the lumen on the lens will go dark, if the glasses simple, nothing will change.

The second polarization filter test.
Take the polarized glasses, watch any liquid crystal display (cell phone monitor or payment terminal) and rotate the glasses 90 degrees to the monitor. If the glasses have a polarizing filter, the picture will darken or become completely dark. If the glasses are simple, nothing will change.


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