What is the best way to clean sunglasses?


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In general, the sunglasses that we use are of quality, that is why it is important to know how to clean them without scratching them because that way they will last us longer while they will perform their function without interference or damage.

It is not easy to keep our polarized sunglasses clean, whether you use them for the beach, the mountain, the forest, the desert or to perform different outdoor activities, what is clear is that you need to know how to conserve in optimal conditions your sunglasses.

Tricks to clean your sunglasses
From this blog we offer some tricks so that your sunglasses are ready at all times:

Warm soapy water
A good option to remove dirt as well as grease, traces of makeup, fingerprints, dust, and endless etc.

You only have to place your glasses under the tap, once wet, put some drops of soap on the tips of your fingers and gently rub the lenses, then rinse and dry them with great care.

Cotton or microfiber cloth
As we do not always have soap and water close by for a more intense cleaning of our glasses, the best and most used option is the cotton or microfibre cloth that normally comes in the case when buying our sunglasses and if this is not the case, you can get one with good quality in large areas or specialized stores.

This type of cloth removes dust, fingerprints and traces of dirt in an easy, fast and comfortable way anytime and anywhere.

Yes, very important; The cloth should be clean and free of debris to avoid scratching the lenses, and you should not grab them with force to avoid breakage. Just with two of your fingers you slide the cloth through the lens making circles gently.

Special Liquids
There are special sprays on the market for cleaning glasses that we find in supermarkets or specialized shops, they are comfortable but you must be careful and carefully read the instructions for use to avoid damaging the lens of your glasses.

Never use alcohol, vinegar or any other “homemade trick” to disinfect as you may damage the lenses, discard or eliminate the color of the frame.

Also avoid that reflex act that we have all ever made of passing the glasses after our shirt, shirt.

Simple tricks to keep your mirror glasses in perfect condition now that spring has arrived and that will surely be your essential accessory these days.


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