What type of glasses does Matt Damon wear ?


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They say that everyone in the world has a counterpart, or perhaps a person who is very similar in appearance. Especially often this happens among celebrities. For example, did you notice how similar Hollywood actor Matt Damon and Russian comedian and showman Garik Kharlamov look like? The striking resemblance of these two men has long been a subject of discussion in the media. This article will discuss not only their external similarity, but also the style and life path.

What do they have in common?
First of all, these are the features of Damon and Kharlamov. The shape of the lips, big nose, bright eyes are really similar in these two celebrities. Garik’s fans, who also noticed similarities, believe that these guys are probably distant relatives. Garik himself is very flattered that he is being compared to one of the most popular Hollywood actors, which he spoke about more than once in his interviews. Celebrities even prefer to wear similar glasses, it is noticeable in numerous photographs. Let’s find out which models they prefer.

Matt Damon and Kharlamov: photo with glasses
In the photo below, both actors are wearing rectangular glasses for viewing in a semi-rimmed frame. Such models emphasize solidity and presentability. Garik Kharlamov preferred thin-rimmed glasses with smooth corners that look like Giorgio Armani AR5065. Matt wears an accessory with a more framed rimmed frame with pointed corners. Damon’s glasses are very similar to Burberry BE1156.

Choosing sun accessories, guys preferred different models. For example, in the photo below Matt Damon in sunglasses in a rectangular frame. Undoubtedly, this model fits the image of a star. If you like glasses like Matt, have a look at Sunset 002.

While relaxing with his family, Garik Kharlamov chose the classic black aviators. A great solution, because such a model is universal and suitable for any image. Pay attention to the Police SPL379, if you have long dreamed of stylish Aviators.

Interesting facts from the life of Matt and Garik

  • Matt Damon grew up in the US state of Massachusetts (city of Cambridge).
  • Garik also lived in America, but in Illinois (the city of Chicago).
  • He moved there as a teenager, after his parents divorced, and even attended a local drama school.
  • Garik received the first money working in McDonald’s, and Matt playing small roles in low-budget films.
  • Both guys got a higher education, not related to acting.
  • Matt studied at Harvard and studied English philology, and Garik – at the State University of Management in the specialty “Human Resource Management”.
  • But Matt, in contrast to Garik, did not finish his studies until the end. Kharlamov gained fame thanks to performances in the Comedy Club show.
  • Matt Damon’s breakthrough was Clever Will Hunting’s motion picture, for the screenplay of which, he and his best friend Ben Affleck won the Oscar.
  • Garik voiced Matt Damon in the movie “Suburbicon,” which was released in 2017.

Although outwardly the actors are very similar, but on the screens they appear in completely different roles. Matt mainly plays dramas, crime and science fiction films, and Garik plays comedies and humorous projects. We hope to see them soon in new roles and interesting images!

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