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I was looking for a pair of cheap sunglasses to run now that the sun is finally back, I found my happiness on the online optical site: polarized sunglasses

I choose the Sunglasseshutusa brand, a little known USA brand (around me in any case) an evocative name, nice colors, sunglasses all-encompassing, a real joy for running! They do not slip, support very well perspiration and are very beautiful (which does not spoil anything)!

what is polarized glasses and what is the advantage for running (and sports in general)?
Polarized glasses, also known as polarized glasses come from a unique technology that removes the reflections caused by the reverb. Have you ever experienced that dazzling feeling when the sun is reflected in the snow, water, sand or even stones of a white square or street? With polarized sunglasses, you will not have any problem. They are particularly suitable for people living in very sunny areas or for holidays at sea or in the mountains. In general, non-polarizing sunglasses offer a much better precision on details and especially when they are exposed to light. For driving and especially for light-sensitive eyes, a pair of polarized sunglasses is strongly indicated.

You will easily understand the advantages in the world of outdoor sport!

This Sunglasseshutusa site offers an option to the physical opticians that are found in all our shopping centers, there is no need to move, we can do an online test of the chosen frame, and we can even request a home test (with glasses neutral), then simply bind his order with the order to receive the papers for refunds. I found the system innovative and very interesting because the choice of frame is very wide and varied!

Sunglasshutusa polarized for women

Photochromic vs Polarized Sunglasses

Sun exposure could damage your eyelid, cornea, lens and extra eye parts. Sunglasses can protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays – however, some types of sunglasses offer additional benefits. Photochromic and polarized are 2 types of specialized sunglasses.

Polarized glasses refer to a specialized coating applied for sunglasses that reduces glare. Polarized lenses do not necessarily indicate that sunglasses offer UV protection. The photochromic lenses adjust based on the light level on the outside and are also designed to reduce glare.

Photochromic lenses are designed to adapt to the bright environment. When a person is exposed to intense sunlight, the glasses darken accordingly. In less light, lighten the glasses. This makes photochromic lenses advantageous for those who are very sensitive to light. Polarized sunglasses are not adjustable in the light, though. They remain the same color although the level of exposure to the sun.

Reduced glare

Glare is when light rays bounce off a flat surface, like water. The light waves that produce the reflections are horizontal. Polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce these light waves. Because glare is linked to eyestrain, polarized glasses can reduce the incidence of eye strain. While some photochromic lenses can be polarized, they are not polarized as a means of standardized methods. For this reason, they may not be as capable of reducing glare.
Sunglass hut usa Polarized sunglasses are beneficial to those who pass the high-performance activities commonly associated with glare. These are boaters, golfers, cyclists and joggers. Because photochromic lenses can be prescription-based, they offer an advantage to those who do not wish to spend ordinary eyeglasses and prescription glasses. They are also beneficial for sun-sensitive users who may require a darker shade.


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