Which glasses to choose?


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Queens snack bars of our beaches for two years, now they become essential and complementary to our coats, scarves and gloves. The mirrored sunglasses arrived to be worn 365 days of the year. The mirrored glasses have managed to win where others do not, and to be timeless despite the surfing they send back.

One could think that the story of the “mirror effect” glasses is summed up in the last two years but it goes back much earlier. In the 90’s, you could see the biggest Hollywood stars posing with this kind of acid-colored glasses. But what does her sunglasses have in particular for so many famous celebrities, it-girls or supermodels to crack for them? They particularly protect from the sun, the wind, the contrasts and the luminosity as well, the mirror glass rests our eyes, but brings at the same time a particular charisma and a style apart, a unique and special look. Because it signs the return of the 90’s, we all want sunglasses with “mirror effect” lenses!

Which glasses to choose?
The “mirror effect” glasses are renewed each season, each brand offers new models that challenge the previous ones, offering a more versatile design and more adapted to each season of the year.
Want to know what kind of glasses offer the brands? Take note and discover why mirrored glasses are the accessory for our winter outfits.

The house Dior is one of the last to have folded to the mirror effect. But of course! Not to mention its fame nor put aside the essence of the prestigious French brand. Simply trendy, we find then these glasses with tart and sparkling colors mostly on most sunglasses in his Fall-Winter collection. DIOR SO REAL, DIOR REFLECTED, DIOR ABSTRACT or DIOR SIDERAL, models from his collection that triumph and seduce us.

Another big house that succumbed to this style of glasses, obviously Ray-Ban. The American brand was logically one of the first brands to incorporate “mirror effect” to his sunglasses. First by first integrating this glass with its legendary Ray-ban Aviators, and later adapted it to the legendary Wayfarer, or even to its inevitable Clubmasters.

Sunglass hut usa
Another mythical brand that boasts the mirror effect on its sunglasses is Sunglass. What characterizes his glasses is the intense and citric color of all his sunglasses. Red, purple, yellow, blue, golden, pink, green … they invade the collection of the house.

As you can see, the mirror integrates with the sunglasses without influencing the frame. The mirror is seduced by round, square or Aviator glasses. A second glimpse of other major brands that incorporate this glass into their collection.


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