Why wearing sunglasses is important?


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Everybody likes to wear good sunglasses whenever summer comes, but we tend to forget about them once it’s over. While it is true that in summer the sensitivity of our eyes is more exposed to the sun and therefore we have to protect ourselves, we also have to do it for the rest of the year.

Below we can see the 9 main reasons to use sunglasses all year.

1. UV radiation never ends.
The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, releasing light, heat and thousands of radiations. One of these harmful radiation for us is UV rays, which can cause a series of problems if we are not careful. Among these problems, we can highlight problems in the skin and in the eyes, such as: wrinkles, burns, color alterations, loss of vision or skin cancer.

It is true that in summer we suffer more. UV indices reach their maximum during the summer, which is the time of the year when we spend the most time on the street, exposing our bodies to the sun. Despite this, the sun never disappears, so UV radiation is constant in autumn-winter-spring, although it is less than in summer.

2. The less intense sun is more annoying.
When the summer is over, the sun makes a shorter arc course because the duration of the days decreases. We notice more intensity in the eyes during winter than during summer because it comes at a more vertical angle. This is more blinding, since it reflects and bounces more on horizontal surfaces and penetrates more into the eye.

3. Safety at the wheel.
As in the previous point, the sun is more annoying when we are at the wheel during winter than in summer. It reduces our visibility and can be dangerous if we do not protect ourselves adequately. In addition to how exhausting a trip can be, the sun becomes a very big concern for drivers. A simple solution is to wear good sunglasses. This increases vision, concentration and contrast, which allows us to react more quickly to any unforeseen road.

4. Screen effect
Sunglasses can even be a protection against wind and cold. Create a screen on our face, which works as a filter and protects us from so many things that lie in wait for us. The glasses can protect us from allergies and diseases such as seasonal conjunctivitis.

5. Protect the skin.
They end up being vital to protect our skin. Unlike what we think many times, UV radiation not only affects our eyes and our vision, but also attacks the eyelids and the areas surrounding the eyes. It affects our skin creating wrinkles or spots, among other things, so it is vitally important that we protect ourselves in all possible ways.

6. Avoid eye dryness.
With the simple use of sunglasses you can avoid suffering from eye dryness. During the winter, the humidity of the air is considerably lower than in summer, which causes many people dryness. In a cold and dry environment it can be very unpleasant. The use of sunglasses outdoors can alleviate these symptoms as it helps maintain eye moisture.

7. Essential in winter sports.
Anyone who likes winter sports should be very aware of the protection they need. Ice and snow are great reflectors of the radiation caused by UV rays, which increases by 10% for every 1000 meters of altitude. This makes it a great threat to our health. The screen effect that we mentioned above helps us to maintain the humidity of the eye and protects us as from the suspended ice particles.

8. Clear eyes need more protection.
People who have lighter eyes have a decreased amount of melanin, which naturally protects sunlight. These people need more protection than the rest, since their eyes are more unprotected. At the same time, light eyes make people more prone to eye diseases such as AMD or conjunctivitis. Protection is vital.

9. Greater protection for children

Children’s eyes are also much more sensitive to UV radiation than those of adults. The exposure to the sun has in them superior consequences, since they still lack protections that we developed over the years. Something similar happens with the skin. Children’s eyes have not yet developed any defense against this radiation, so we have to be very careful with children when it comes to being exposed to the sun. In fact, a large part of the UV radiation that we will accumulate throughout our life has been received during our childhood. The fact that they use a suitable sunglasses is a great advantage in the short and long term.


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