Wimbledon Style: Polo Ralph Lauren Sunglasses


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All tennis fans are now turning their eyes to Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world currently taking place in London. As an official partner of The Championships, Ralph Lauren® presented a special collection, including sunglasses.

Wimbledon Special Collection
For his 11th consecutive year of collaboration with Wimbledon, Ralph Lauren redesigned the tournament staff uniforms. The new collection combines historical prestige, elegance and love of the game with more modern cuts and materials.

While the athletes are still restricted to an all-white outfit, all official staff, from the rammer of balls to the referee, will don this new uniform during the event. Ball-gatherers will be dressed in navy blue shorts and classic polos made from modern materials. Referees will be wearing white pants and striped navy blazers.

For the first time in the history of this collaboration, Ralph Lauren has included a pair of sunglasses, perfect for distributing faults with style. Intended for referees only, this unisex frame in green tones is signed with the Polo Pony Player logo in purple, characteristic of the brand.

130th anniversary
Do not miss the 130th anniversary of the tournament and celebrate it as it should be with a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses available on our website.


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